Profile Builder 2 Review

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Profile Builder 2 is an extension for SketchUp that bundles three unique tools that help you automate your workflow. This article is a review of Profile Builder 2, aimed at giving you a general overview of its features, and my personal impressions of its functionality after experimenting with it. Whenever I had a question, I emailed back and forth with the …

FormFonts Premium SketchUp Model Downloads

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If you’re a professional SketchUp user, access to pre-made models is critical for efficient modeling. Don’t waste time modeling objects that are secondary to the design you’re working on. Finding high quality, low polygon models can be challenging, unless you’re using FormFonts. If you use SketchUp professionally, you know that the more time you spend working on a model, the …

Expert Tips From SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2014.

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Do you feel like you’ve missed out on the SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2014? I’ve just returned from teaching my first live class at Basecamp, and in this article you’ll learn some of the tips I’ve picked up from the best SketchUp gurus in the world.

If you’re a SketchUp geek like me, 3D Basecamp is the place to be. It is held on a bi-annual basis, and you’ll find some of the best SketchUp users in the world at the conference.

During the opening presentation by John Bacus, SketchUp Product Manager, we learned about the new SketchUp model viewer for the ipad, available here, a new Ruby Debugger plugin, and an extension that can process 3D point cloud data from Trimble 3D scanners.

The conference is made up of a number of presentations and instructional sessions, including some hands-on classes as well. I had the honor of being asked to teach an “Introduction to LayOut” 3-hour class, based on my book, SketchUp to LayOut. It was the first time I had taught live, in person, to a large audience. I was nervous at first, but once I started, everything just fell into place.