Sketchup Tutorial | How to create a vase

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This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a simple vase in Sketchup. It will provide you with a good understanding of the Arc Tool Arc Tool (A), Offset Tool Offset tool (F), and the Follow Me Tool Follow Me tool . No Sketchup experience is necessary to follow this tutorial.

To start modeling a vase, you need to create a profile outline of the vase. We will then extrude the profile around a circle path to create the vase. Sketchup makes this task pretty easy using the Follow Me Tool Follow Me tool. You might want to look for a picture of a vase, or go find one in your house. It really helps to have something in front of you that can guide you with modeling proportions.

Watch the video, or follow the step by step directions below.

Step 1 – Draw a Rectangle

Before you start drawing the profile, it’s a good idea to just create a surface that you can draw on. It just makes it a lot easier for the drawing tools to inference the same plane when you have a face to drawn on. Go ahead and create an upright rectangle, and turn it into a group so our profile doesn’t stick to it.